CBG & CNG Plant Equipment

Three type of pressures are typically involved in Gas processing :

  • Atmospheric Pressure 0-2 bar

Bigas Digestor, Purification lines are generally at Atmospheric Pressure

  • Low Pressure - 20-150bar

We may not find much components in use in CNG sector

  • High Pressure : 150-350bar

These will be common specification requirement in CNG Compression and dispensing facilitates.

All components supplied by STUT are tested for the rated pressure.

*It is an important safety factor*


Methane, Oxygen, Nitrogen Generation & upgradation plantsUsed CNG Production and CBG PlantsStut designed Purification units are time tested. With 8+ years of experinece in gas processing, we provide best class solution for the industry

Gas Compression

Methane, Bio methane compression systems

Stut has tie up with worlds most renowed compressor system manufacturers. With its Indian presence the imported technology and local supply make an unique cost-effective solution for the customers in compressed Bio gas industry & CNG stations


Manual or automatic valves are integral part of a CNG pipelineSome of th types commonly on stock are for Direction control, Pressure control, Flow control, Start -stop, Circuit, Gas Filling

silver and black electronic components
silver and black electronic components

Measuring Instruments

black and red video camera
black and red video camera

Measuring the quality and quantity is a basic need

Stut has close tie up with international guaging and gas measurement companies. Stut ofthen participates in new development and design cycle.Simple manual measurement to completly computerised mesurement are the options offered to customers